Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the tentative Fall Schedule for 2017?

      Ultimate Fall Roundup
      Prime Time Showcase
      The Rivalry
      T3 Opener
      T3 Fall Face Off
      Mid Atlantic Showcase
      Small Sided 7v7 college tournaments
      2018-2020: 2017 Presidents Cup (Orlando, FL)

  • What are the tentative Tournaments that ADK is looking to attend in the Spring and Summer?
    • 2018, 2019 & 2020
       IWLCA New England Cup (UMASS, MA) – Saturday & Sunday June 10 – 11
       IWLCA Champions Cup (Midlothian, VA) – Friday, Saturday & Sunday June 16 – 18
       Project 120 (Bethlehem, PA) – Saturday & Sunday June 24 – 25
       The Grind (West Chester, PA) – Saturday & Sunday July 8 – 9
       Best of the Beach (Long Branch, NJ) – Friday, July 14

      In anticipation of (2) 2020 teams and perhaps (2) 2019 teams, we have secured additional team slots for IWLCA tournaments. We will secure at least two additional quality tournaments, perhaps including the IWLCA Midwest Cup and Star Spangled Banner, should the need arise.


       Girls of Summer (Tully, NY) – Sunday June 11
       Project 120 (Bethlehem, PA) – Friday & Saturday June 23 – 24
       The Grind (West Chester, PA) – Friday & Saturday July 7 – 8
       Best of the Beach (Long Branch, NJ) – Saturday & Sunday July 15 – 16

       Girls of Summer (Tully, NY) Saturday June 10
       Project 120 (Bethlehem, PA) – Friday & Saturday June 23 – 24
       The Grind (West Chester, PA) – Friday & Saturday July 7 – 8
       Best of the Beach (Long Branch, NJ) – Saturday & Sunday July 15 – 16

       Girls of Summer (Tully, NY) – June 10
       Project 120 (Bethlehem, PA) – Friday & Saturday June 23 – 24
       The Grind (West Chester, PA) – Friday & Saturday July 7 – 8
       Best of the Beach (Long Branch, NJ) – Saturday & Sunday July 15 – 16

  • What is required to play lacrosse with ADK
    • Required:

      Completed registration with $300 deposit
      Annual U.S. Lacrosse Membership
      Stick, Goggles, Mouth Guard

      To create or, most likely, renew your membership with USA Lacrosse please goto http://www.uslacrosse.org/membership

  • Are there Tryouts?
    • Tryouts will be based upon number of registrations. Date and time is TBD. Rosters will be limited to approximately 20 players per team.

  • What is Your Refund Policy?
    • If a participant wishes to withdraw from the ADK Lacrosse Club or Team prior to the first schedule
      practice, game, or event, their refund is subject to a 50% processing fee if accepted. This fee is a result
      of tournament registration fees, coaching fees, administration fees and other player fees that are paid
      for on behalf of participants by the ADK Lacrosse Club. Any refund request will also be reviewed on a
      case by case scenario. Coaches and Club Administrators do not have the authorization to approve any
      refund requests. All refund requests are reviewed and approved by the Club Director.

      Injuries prior to the season will be taken into consideration for an exception. In the event a participant
      sustains an injury prior to the season or clinic a full refund or credit will be issued as long as proper
      notification is given to the Club Director and Team Coach. A Doctor’s note will need to be provided
      stating the date and nature of the injury.

      As we all know Lacrosse is a physical game and despite our best efforts injuries do occur. In the event a
      participant is injured during the season, game, tournament, practice, or clinic no refunds will be issued.
      Refund requests will not be considered after two weeks into schedule practices, tournaments, or the
      season start. Refunds will not be considered in the event of inclement weather that impacts
      tournaments games or the practice schedule.

      Please note any approved refunds may take up to four weeks to process. Also once a refund is issued
      your bank or Credit Card Company may have policies in place that delay the actual credit taking place.
      You would need to contact your bank or Credit Card Company in order to find out when actual credit
      will take place.

      Please email adkglax@gmail.com for any refund requests

  • Is there a Payment Schedule?
    • Yes

      $300 deposit due at time of registration
      st $300 payment 1/5/17
      nd $300 payment – 2/5/17
      Balance due – 3/5/17

      Athletes must pay in full to participate in tournaments & practices
  • What is the Cost for the Program?
    • Annual Program Fee:

      2018 – $1,400
      2019 – $1,400
      2020 – $1,400
      2021 – $1,250
      2022 – $ 1,250
      2023/24 – $1,100

      2018-2020 Fee includes all college recruiting efforts by coaches and club

  • What is the 2-Day Mini Camp For?
    • 2-Day June ADK Mini Camp:

      Two days of ADK lax club playing together and learning club
      concepts, offense and defense and preparing for upcoming

  • What Does the 2017 ADK Program Include?
    • Minimum of 7 tournaments – Summer & Fall (including 4 national recruiting tournaments)
      Winter sessions – TBD
      2-day June ADK mini camp
      2 Practice per week May – July
      Coaching (new: goalie and running coaches)
      Uniforms for new players only